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See the Spa Chemicals Section for more information on the proper chemical to use in your Spa.

Your new spa was built to give you years of enjoyment and pleasure. However, certain maintenance steps must be taken in order to extend life and usability of the spa.


The filter should be checked periodically for buildup of dirt and oils. Your filter is made of a woven fiber, porous fluted cylinders which allow water to pass through but at the same time intercept tiny debris, killed bacteria and oils. Double filters are used in some spas. To clean filters, soak filters at least monthly in a degreaser and power was down thoroughly with a garden hose. If using your spa 3 or more times a week, you should clean the filters weekly. It is recommended to have a second filter on hand which can be changed between changes. Installing a new dry filter works better than replacing the used wet filter back in.

Change of Water

Depending on usage, the water is your spa should be changed approximately every 3 months at the least. Even if the water looks clean, the use of your spa chemicals on an on going basis may make the chemicals less effective. Upon each change of water, it s good practice to wipe down the spa with 20% solution of bleach and warm water.


It is recommend that you polish your spa using Gloss acrylic polish. This will clean the acrylic and help keep the water scum line to a minimum.


Ozone Generators bubble ozone into the spa water which will kill organic matter such as nasty bacteria. The ozonator is mounted inside your cabinet and above the water level. By using an ozonator it will cut down on your use of chemicals and maintain a cleaner spa and save you money.

Winterizing Your Spa

The hydrotherapy spa is designed for year-round use. If you decide to store the hydrotherapy spa for the winter, store it in a warm, dry location. Follow the steps below to winterize the hydrotherapy spa.

  • Drain the spa
  • Remove all remaining water from the spa shell. Dry the shell with towels.
  • Set the air control on the console to the lowest setting. Use a wet/dry vacuum to pull any remaining water from the system. To do this, place the vacuum nozzle over each thera-jet, starting with the highest jet and finishing with the lowest one.
  • Set the air control on the console to the highest setting and repeat step 3.
  • Drain the pump. To drain the pump remove the access panel from the spa unit. Remove the drain plug from the pump and place the vacuum nozzle over the drainage hole and vacuum any additional water from the pump. Replace the drain plug. Note: For additional protection you can remove the pump/motor from the spa to store it in a climate controlled room.
  • Clean the spa shell.
  • Clean filter.
  • A qualified electrician should disconnect the power cord from the 240 volt power source if so wired.
  • Reattach the access panel (door) to the spa.

Draining Spa

Disconnect the electrical power. Never run spa while draining or empty! Open the access service (door). Locate the drain valve, and then remove the cap from the valve and screw on the end of a garden hose. Never Supply Water To The Spa By This Means!!! Turn down the heat to it's lowest setting. Route the garden hose to a place suitable for draining water and open the spa drain valve. Note: Some models may take a couple of hours to drain completely. Once Drained, close the valve back to closed position and install the cap back to the spa drain hose. Do Not supply power again until the spa is refilled! Once filled run the spa until there is good water flow and all air is bled from the system. Once this is done, turn heater thermostat back to the desired setting.

Spa Pack

The spa support pack requires very little maintenance over its life span. When changing the filter, simply inspect the spa pack visually to check for leaks or moisture. Wipe off dust form the spa pack; this can increase its life by allowing better ventilation.

Cedar Skirting/Cabinet

Maintenance on your skirt or cabinet is minimal. It is recommended to treat the skirt and outside cabinet periodically with a water-resistant stain or vera thane to protect the wood.

The cabinet frame is made of treated wood, and covered outside by either redwood, cedar or cypress. You may have the New TimberStone Siding with the quiet elegance of natural wood look which is maintenance free.

Spa Cover

The hard cover on your spa is made from a weatherproof vinyl material. Your cover will last much longer if you heed the following suggestions:

  • Don’t drag the cover on the ground, wearing of the vinyl could easily develop into a tear.
  • The insulating foam in your cover is not designed to hold the weight of a person or an animal. IMPORTANT! Cracked foam in the cover is not covered under warranty!
  • Occasionally wipe the cover, inside and out, and with soap and water. This will help make the finish last longer and looks better.
  • Dura Shine applied to the cover & stitching once yearly will keep your cover looking better longer.
  • A floating cover on the spa surface keeps humidity off the cover which also extends the covers life.

See the Spa Chemicals Section for more information on the proper chemical to use in your Spa.

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